"I was born. I didn't think much of it at the time," he would later remark.

Ian Delaney's determined, Midwestern charm has won him roles ranging from the happy-go-lucky IT Tech whose life is turned upside-down by the death of a six year old girl ("The Change") to the wolf-in-sheep's clothing who is the unlikeliest of serial rapists ("Itch" – Filmaka Festival Winner).

His comedic work is typically imbued with a neurotic need for control, as well as a dash of physical comedy, to which his awkward 6'3" frame gives him daily lessons by hitting his head on branches, doorways, and the occasional light fixture.

Ian's first SAG job came when he was still in college: a Super Bowl commercial for Longhorn Steakhouse. He played a Frenchman (complete with natural pencil mustache) stealing a wheel of cheese. Recently his performance in "The Change," which showcases Ian as a happy-go-lucky IT Tech whose life is turned upside down by the death of a six year old girl, has been called both "brave" and "heartbreaking."

A classically trained actor and trumpet player, Ian still plays and arranges his own music.

Ian grew up throughout the Midwest, including the major theatre towns of Minneapolis, Chicago, and Kansas City, where he first began performing. He was cast in 28 different community and regional productions on a number of different stages, including the prestigious Shawnee Mission Theatre in the Park.

He is currently a member of the DarwinLA improv troupe, and is working on the second draft of his next short film.