In The Rough (2018)
"[Ian] is a really talented actor and we look
forward to working with [him] again and again and
The way [he] delivered [his role] was
- Susan Ashley (Showrunner)

The Gunman (2016)
"Working with Ian was a collaborative pleasure. He
brought welcome color to [his] character...His
instincts were always on point.
By the same token,
he was open to trying various takes as requested
and embraced them with the same enthusiasm. His
professionalism is fantastic, and he was always on
time (or early) and prepared for the day ahead.

I look forward to working with Ian again."
- Larry Weisberg (1st AD)

The Lost Dutchman (2014)
"...One of the things that can make or break a set
is if people act like divas, so to have someone
[who was not] was a breath of fresh air and such
a huge blessing! [Ian] is also a very
talented performer and artistic collaborator
he to quickly identify his character,
understand it, and know what the role needed from
an actor to fully come alive...He was far more
than we could have ever asked for, and we eagerly
await the chance to work with him again!
- Peter and Phillip Hall (co-directors)

Casting Directors
"[Ian is] a pleasure to work with!"
- Michael Sanford (Chase, DiGiorno, "The Artist")

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